5 Questions to Get People to Pay Attention

How do you get people to pay attention to your Facebook post / email / presentation / event / cause?

All of us are constantly bombarded with information and that makes connecting with people tough!

Breaking through the noise starts with shifting your focus from you to your audience.

And I’ve found that answering these 5 questions can help do just that!

  1. Who are you trying to reach? Create a character in your mind or on paper. What’s their story?
  2. What challenges do they face? What keeps them up at night? What do they struggle with? What makes their life complicated?
  3. How are you positioned to help them through that challenge? Notice the first two questions are completely focused on your audience. This is your first chance to talk about yourself…but still it’s focused on how you can help them!
  4. What is the plan? What steps do they need to take to combat their challenge? What role are you playing in this journey? What will it feel like to succeed (or fail)?
  5. How will you call them to action? Keep it short and simple. What’s a small step they can take to engage? Maybe they don’t have the time to read a whole article about your cause but they can follow you on social media. Maybe they can’t set-up recurring giving right now but they could chip in $5 via text. Maybe they can’t come to the event you’re hosting today but they can register and watch the livestream later.

What challenges are you facing as you try to get people to engage with your cause?

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